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What you need to know...

Sparkle Cleaning Services employ Manchester based, professional, fully trained staff, who are fully insured and CRB checked, as we believe this makes managing long terms relationships more personable.

Hourly Rate – Is it right for your Business?

Sparkle Cleaning Services can work on a regular hourly rate, however we often find that this model doesn’t address the cleaning needs of many modern businesses. Our more flexible approach means you only pay for what you need or take advantage of our Pay as You Go solutions.

The best solution is to ask one of our Professional Area Managers to visit your premises to get your free and no obligation quotation today.

Cleaning schedule to suit your business needs.

Sparkle Cleaning Services arranges contract cleaning to address your needs, whether that is a visit per month or a daily cleaning routine. Our minimum cleaning contract is from 1 hour per visit.

Often our cleaning services are provided outside of our client's regular office hours avoiding interruption to your normal business routine.

Contract cleaning.

We offer all our clients a contract ensuring that you get the job done right the first time. All our contracts are flexible so that they can adapt to your changing needs or requirements.

We provide all the staff so that you have no recruitment, holiday or insurance issues to address with your cleaning requirements.

Sparkle Cleaning Services Manchester regularly include the following services that can be tailored to your individual needs and budget.

General Office Cleaning includes:

  • Desks and telephones sanitized
  • Bins emptied and rubbish removed
  • Glass partitions cleaned
  • Floor cleaning including vacuuming and moping
  • Furniture and mirrors polished
  • Dusting of Electrical equipment such as computers, printers and keyboards

Kitchen Areas and Staff Canteens.

  • Clean surfaces
  • Mop/vacuum floor
  • Sanitation of tables, chairs, other surfaces and cupboard doors
  • Electrical equipment cleaning such as, fridges and microwaves
  • Load/unload dishwasher
  • Empty bins and remove rubbish


  • Mop and vacuum floors
  • Fully clean Sinks, urinals and toilets
  • De-scale Sinks, urinals and toilets
  • Sanitize hand rails, toilet roll holders and door handles
  • Wipe all walls door and piping
  • Refill soap and toilet roll dispensers
  • Mirrors wiped/polished

Reception and stairwell areas:

  • Vacuum all carpeted areas
  • Clean all doors and glass partitioned walls
  • Dust skirting boards and ledges
  • Sanitize door handles and telephone equipment
  • Wipe and polish desks
  • Empty bins and remove rubbish
  • Dust Fire Safety Equipment

Cleaning chemicals and equipment.

Sparkle supplies all its own cleaning chemicals and equipment ensuring that you do not need to order or supply any of these items.

How long does cleaning take?

Cleaning your business environment is a specialist job and we need to visit your premises to provide an accurate quotation. This can normally be achieved during a short site visit by one of trained local Area Managers at a time convenient to you.

Example guideline:

An office with 10 desks, kitchen area and reception is approximately 2 hours work (based on normal office usage).

Need a One-Off deep clean?

For clients who contract Sparkle Cleaning Services, for a minimum of 3 months, we undertake premises deep clean worth up to £1000.

Deep cleans can be requested at any time and we can provide a quotation on demand.